Right to Walk Foundation

Albert Lin Partners with The Right to Walk Foundation: A Step Towards Universal Access to Quality Prosthetics

Albert Lin’s journey has been both challenging and inspiring. Having lost his leg in 2016, he faced an arduous road to recovery. However, with indomitable spirit, Lin not only learned to walk again but also resumed his esteemed position as an explorer with National Geographic. One pivotal element in his recovery was the expert care and precision-fitted prosthetic he received from Peter Harsch Prosthetics.

As Lin traveled the globe, a stark reality dawned on him: the kind of mobility and comfort he enjoyed, thanks to his well-fitted prosthetic, was more a luxury than a common right. The vast majority of amputees worldwide do not have access to prosthetics that fit them well. This realization sowed the seeds of a partnership with The Right to Walk Foundation.

Dedicated to making well-fitted prosthetics a universal right rather than a privilege, The Right to Walk Foundation is actively fundraising to ensure everyone in need receives the prosthetic care they deserve. Moreover, their efforts don’t stop at merely providing prosthetics. Recognizing the importance of expertise in this domain, the foundation is also offering resources to prostheticians. Their aim is to educate a wider audience about the intricate craft of creating the perfect prosthetic, underscoring its significance in enhancing an amputee’s quality of life.

In essence, The Right to Walk Foundation, with the support of figures like Albert Lin, envisions a world where quality prosthetic care is not just available but accessible to everyone. It’s a service that embodies the foundation’s namesake, emphasizing that everyone indeed has the right to walk.

R2W Provided prosthetics for a child survivor of a Ukrainian Train Station Bombing