Exploring true stories from ancient peoples and the frontiers of human consciousness and innovation, Dr. Albert Yu-Min Lin is an explorer, archaeologist, engineer and TV personality. Join him on this endless adventure as he brings brilliant scientists, explorers and thinkers of our time into an intimate discovery of how we are all connected to one human story.


Climb into Mexico’s Mysteries with Arcelia Garcia

On this episode of the Explorer Albert podcast, join us for an adventurous journey from the peaks of the highest mountains to the depths of the deepest caves with archaeologist, rock climber, storyteller, and teacher, Arcelia Garcia. Since 2004, Arcelia has adeptly combined her rock climbing and alpine skills to explore some of Mexico's most inaccessible archaeological sites, including high mountains where the Mexica made offerings, deep caves of the Maya, and vertical cliffs where the ancient Zoque people dwelled. In a fascinating conversation with host Albert Lin, Arcelia delves into our relationship with caves and the intrinsic connection between nature and humanity. They share insights from their exploration of the ancient Maya world, highlighting the significance of stalactites as indicators of nearby symbolic offerings. Arcelia also reflects on her "flow state" reconstructing experiences from 700 years ago, and advocates for slowing down to deeply connect with nature.

Understanding An Ancient Amputation with Dr. Melandri Vlok

Embark on a thrilling journey with host Albert Lin and his guest as they venture back 30,000 years into a remote Bornean cave on the latest episode of the Explorer Albert podcast. Joining him is esteemed bioarchaeologist and palaeopathologist, Dr. Melandri Vlok, whose groundbreaking research in prehistoric Asia-Pacific has unveiled astonishing insights into our ancient past. Delving into the mysteries of a remarkable skeleton and some of the world's oldest rock art, Dr. Vlok shares her captivating journey inspired by the TV show "Bones" to her profound exploration of ancient civilizations. Together, they unravel the secrets of a primitive amputation, revealing the remarkable evolutionary trait of kindness amidst injury within ancient tribes. From the collective knowledge and care within these communities to Dr. Vlok's poignant reflections on piecing back humanity through bones, prepare for a riveting conversation that transcends time.

Unveiling the Unseen with VisualSkies’ Joe Steel and Duncan Lees

On this episode of the Explorer Albert podcast, host Dr. Albert Lin sits down with Joe Steel and Duncan Lees from Visualskies. Joe and Duncan are some of the world's leading experts in spatial media and Albert’s go-to LiDAR crew. Recognizable from their adventures on Lost Cities, where they've accompanied Albert in uncovering ancient pyramids and uncharted civilizations around the globe, the trio shares behind-the-scenes anecdotes and highlights from their collaborative journey. Discover the cutting-edge advancements in LiDAR technology and stay tuned for an exciting reveal of the team’s more groundbreaking discoveries, some of which have never graced television screens before.

Decoding the Picts with Kelly Kilpatrick

Dive into the mysterious world of the Picts with Kelly Kilpatrick, a linguist and explorer, on the second episode of the "Explorer Albert" series. Unravel the enigmatic story of the Picts, ancient inhabitants of Northern Scotland, known for their fierce resistance against the Romans and their cryptic stone carvings. In this episode, Kelly shares her groundbreaking work decoding the Pictish language, revealing insights into a civilization that has long captivated historians and archaeologists alike. Join us for an intriguing conversation that spans Celtic history, archaeological adventures, and the unlocking of ancient secrets that could rewrite our understanding of early European cultures.

Discovering the Ancient Maya with Tom Garrison

In this first episode of the "Explorer Albert" podcast, host Albert delves into the fascinating world of archaeology and exploration with his guest, Dr. Tom Garrison, a pioneer in the use of LIDAR technology in uncovering ancient Maya civilizations. Dr. Garrison shares his experiences and groundbreaking discoveries in Guatemala, highlighting the significant impact of LIDAR in archaeology. This episode offers insights into the challenges and thrills of exploration, the collaborative nature of archaeological work, and the profound connections between past and present.