Discovering the Ancient Maya with Tom Garrison

In this first episode of the "Explorer Albert" podcast, host Albert delves into the fascinating world of archaeology and exploration with his guest, Dr. Tom Garrison, a pioneer in the use of LIDAR technology in uncovering ancient Maya civilizations. Dr. Garrison shares his experiences and groundbreaking discoveries in Guatemala, highlighting the significant impact of LIDAR in archaeology. This episode offers insights into the challenges and thrills of exploration, the collaborative nature of archaeological work, and the profound connections between past and present.
Explorer Albert
Explorer Albert
Discovering the Ancient Maya with Tom Garrison

Introduction to Explore Albert Podcast – Episode 2: “Unveiling the Ancient Maya with LIDAR”

Host Albert introduces the episode and sets the stage for an engaging conversation with Dr. Tom Garrison, focusing on the revolutionary use of LIDAR technology in archaeology.

Chapter 1: Journey into Archaeology

  • Dr. Garrison shares his path into archaeology, highlighting his initial interests and the influential moments that led him to specialize in the Maya civilization.

Chapter 2: The LIDAR Revolution

  • The discussion shifts to the transformative impact of LIDAR technology in archaeology, allowing researchers to uncover hidden structures and settlements in dense jungles. Dr. Garrison recounts his pioneering work in Guatemala, which led to the discovery of over 60,000 new Maya structures.

Chapter 3: Collaboration Across Disciplines

  • Albert and Dr. Garrison discuss the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in their work, emphasizing the partnership between archaeologists and engineers to refine and apply LIDAR technology effectively.

Chapter 4: Insights from the Jungle

  • The episode delves into the challenges and rewards of fieldwork in the jungles of Guatemala. Dr. Garrison shares memorable experiences and the sense of wonder in discovering untouched Maya ruins.

Chapter 5: LIDAR’s Impact on Maya Studies

  • This chapter explores how LIDAR has reshaped our understanding of the Maya civilization, offering new insights into their societal structures, agricultural practices, and population sizes.

Chapter 6: The Future of Exploration

  • Looking forward, Albert and Dr. Garrison speculate on the future of archaeological exploration and the potential of new technologies to uncover more about ancient civilizations.

Conclusion: Bridging Past and Present

  • The episode concludes with reflections on the significance of archaeology in connecting us with our past and understanding the complexities of ancient societies. Dr. Garrison emphasizes the ongoing relevance of the Maya civilization and the lessons it offers for the present.



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