Decoding the Picts with Kelly Kilpatrick

Dive into the mysterious world of the Picts with Kelly Kilpatrick, a linguist and explorer, on the second episode of the "Explorer Albert" series. Unravel the enigmatic story of the Picts, ancient inhabitants of Northern Scotland, known for their fierce resistance against the Romans and their cryptic stone carvings. In this episode, Kelly shares her groundbreaking work decoding the Pictish language, revealing insights into a civilization that has long captivated historians and archaeologists alike. Join us for an intriguing conversation that spans Celtic history, archaeological adventures, and the unlocking of ancient secrets that could rewrite our understanding of early European cultures.
Explorer Albert
Explorer Albert
Decoding the Picts with Kelly Kilpatrick

Podcast Episode 2: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Picts

Host: Albert, the adventurous podcaster of the “Explorer Albert” series

Guest: Kelly Kilpatrick – Linguist, Explorer, and Celticist

Chapter 1: The Picts Unveiled

  • Kelly Kilpatrick shares her fascination with Celtic history, sparked by her early exposure to Celtic music and archaeology. She delves into her personal journey into the field, highlighted by her youthful enthusiasm for all things Celtic.

Chapter 2: A Life of Exploration

  • Discussion on Kelly’s adventurous spirit, including helicopter rides and archaeological digs. The conversation takes a personal turn, touching on her family life and how her children are following in her footsteps, showing interest in Pictish history.

Chapter 3: The Allure of Celticism

  • Exploration of what draws people to Celtic history, with Kelly recounting her deep-rooted interest in the mystery and artistry of Celtic culture. This chapter uncovers the historical and cultural significance of the Celts, stretching from Ireland to Turkey.

Chapter 4: Deciphering the Ancients

  • The heart of the episode where Kelly discusses her groundbreaking work on decoding the Pictish language. She takes listeners through the process, revealing how comparisons with ancient curse tablets provided crucial insights. This section is filled with a sense of discovery, as Kelly describes how her work during the pandemic led to significant breakthroughs in understanding Pictish script.

Chapter 5: The Picts and Their World

  • A deep dive into Pictish society, their art, and their survival through the ages. Kelly explains the significance of the Picts in the broader context of ancient European civilizations and shares her excitement about future research directions.




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